Comparison of tariffs for VPS hosting

VPS ( Virtual Private Server ) is a virtual dedicated server , similar in its capabilities to a regular physical dedicated server.

The service of VPS-hosting in the past few years has become a very popular and in demand among webmasters. This is not surprising, because the VPS-server has high performance and is not as expensive as the dedicated one. Therefore, many hosting companies have begun to provide this service.

To manage a virtual VPS server, it is most convenient to use the ISPmanager Lite / Plesk / DirectAdmin panel . It allows you to manage the server as easily as a regular virtual hosting (without special knowledge of Linux OS), and helps to avoid errors in the system configuration and services.

This page provides a comparative table of VPS-rates of the most reliable and large hosting companies. For comparison, virtual VPS servers of approximately equal performance with 512 MB of RAM were selected, which allows you to host a website with an attendance of about 10-20 thousand people / day. Tariffs are ordered based on the reliability of the hosting company and the cost – from the cheapest VPS hosting to the most expensive. This takes into account the cost of a license to the control panel. The price is for 1 month – if you pay 3/6/12 months right away, it will be noticeably cheaper.

CompanyRateDiskCPUMemoryTrafficCityPriceControl Panel
SprintHost.ruK-5005 GB500 MHz512 MBUnlimitedSt. Petersburg670 rub.ISPmanager Lite – for free.
FornexVPS Start10 GB1 core512 MBUnlimitedGermany237 rub.ISPmanager Lite – for free, ISPmanager Pro – 1875 Br / eternal.
EurobyteEuro 210 GB600 MHz512 MBUnlimitedMoscow449 rub.ISPmanager Lite – 149 rubles per month or 899 rubles / eternal;ISPmanager Pro – 299 rubles / month or 1599 rubles / eternal
Hosting TeleSystemsVPS-115 GB2 cores x 600 MHz512 MBUnlimitedMoscow468 rub.ISPmanager Lite – 1000 rubles / eternal, ISPmanager Pro – 1800 rubles / eternal
LogolVPS-XS10 GB800 MHz512 MBUnlimitedMoscow449 rub.ISPmanager Lite – 149 rubles / month, ISPManager Pro – 349 rubles / month, Plesk 11 (10 domains) – 699 rubles / month.
FastvpsEVO-415 GB1 core4 GBUnlimitedGermany325 rub.FastPanel is free, ISPmanager Lite is 3.9 euros per month or 25.9 euros is eternal.
Internet Hosting CenterVZ-110 GB1000 MHz512 MBUnlimitedMoscow500 rub.ISPmanager Lite – 200 rubles per month or 750 rubles / eternal;free – ispCP, ISPConfig, SysCP, kloxo (lxAdmin), Plesk on 1 site.
REG.RUREG.VPS-210 GB1000 MHz512 MBUnlimitedMoscow700 rub.ISPmanager Lite – 150 rubles per month.
CloudMouse$ 520 GB1 core512 MBUnlimitedHolland$ 5ISPmanager Lite – for free.
MajordomoVS220 GB1000 MHz768 MBUnlimitedSt. Petersburg1200 rub.ISPmanager Lite – for free.
AgavaOptimal12 GB1000 MHz512 MBUnlimitedMoscow1249 rub.ISPmanager Lite – 75 rubles per month;DirectAdmin – 245 rubles per month; WHM / cPanel – 459 rubles / month.
Hosting CenterVPS-15 GB600 MHz512 MBUnlimitedMoscow700 rub.ISPmanager Lite – 1800 rubles per year.
Zenon N.S.P.VPS-18 GB500 MHz512 MBUnlimitedMoscow924 rub.ISPmanager Lite – 196 rubles per month.
MasterhostAvailable5 GB500 MHz768 MBUnlimitedMoscow1150 rub.Plesk 9 for 10 domains – 693 rubles; Plesk 9 for 100 domains – 2 793 rubles; Plesk 9 without restrictions on domains – 5 593 rubles.
Hoster.ruVDS220 GB1100 MHz512 MBUnlimitedMoscow1500 rub.ISPmanager Lite – for free.
SlavhostVPS-110 GB500 MHz512 MB1000 GBUSA$ 16Cpanel / WHM – $ 20 / month.

If you need fast and low-cost VPS hosting with a convenient and simple ISPmanager Lite control panel, then the best options would be those of Fornex , , Rusonyx , Euro-byte and Hosting Telesystems . All these hosting companies are reliable, have the necessary licenses and offline offices – so feel free to choose any based on personal sympathy or, for example, the location of VPS-servers.

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