How to work with files on the server directly from a web browser

As a rule, users of virtual hosting use control panels or specialized programs – FTP-clients for working with files of their sites (download, delete, edit and other operations) control panels or specialized programs. Among the former, cPanel , ISPmanager, and Plesk products are most common , and FileZilla , CuteFTP , SmartFTP, and others are second . But what if you have a virtual or dedicated server, but you don’t want to pay for the control panel or tinkering with installing programs? Use a web-based FTP client, which is handled via any Internet browser.

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For example, the new Russian file manager , developed by the hosting provider Beget . The project has open source code that is available on the GitHub web service. Installing the application on the server is carried out in just three teams, the only requirement is a fresh kernel with Docker technology support. has a classic two-pane interface in the spirit of the familiar programs of many Norton Commander, Total Commander or FAR Manager. You can work with files and folders using the mouse, dragging objects to and from the server. In this program has the function of connecting to remote FTP – you can simultaneously work with two completely third-party servers.

FTP client web interface

Of course, can not only move files, but also unpack archives, edit code with convenient syntax highlighting, and the built-in image browser allows you to view, flip and change the scale of images. And most importantly – all these features are available directly from the web browser in which you are currently reading this text, for free and on any operating system.

Code editor in the online FTP client

Users of Beget hosting are lucky – the file manager is built into the control panel and offered by default. In terms of convenience, it is not inferior to the most common commercial “admin” cPanel and ISPmanager, and in some ways even surpasses them. You can try in action without registering here , learn how to install it for free on your server

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