How is shared hosting different from a virtual VPS server?

First we give the definitions of virtual hosting and virtual server (VPS).

Virtual hosting implies the provision of disk space for hosting your website files on a hosting company that is constantly connected to the Web. The advantages of virtual hosting are low cost and the fact that the webmaster does not have to worry about maintaining and configuring the server.

VPS ( Virtual Private Server ) or VDS ( Virtual Dedicated Server ) – virtual dedicated server, similar in its capabilities to the usual physical dedicated server. The only difference is that there are several virtual servers (VPS) on the same physical server, which can significantly reduce their cost (as a rule, it ranges from 300 to 1,500 rubles per month). The advantage of the VPS server is full root access – you can install your own applications and customize any available operating system software; add, delete and modify any files, including files in the head and other service directories; create custom versions of system libraries or modify existing ones.

The following conclusions can be drawn from these definitions : 
1. If your site has high traffic and requires a lot of resources and freedom in handling a server, then a virtual VPS server is a good choice. 
2. If you are just starting to engage in web development and make your first web page, it makes sense to use the rates of the usual virtual hosting. 
3. If you already have experience with regular virtual hosting, get ready to read documentation or manuals to manage a virtual VPS server. Alternatively, you can install a control panel familiar with virtual hosting (CPanel, ISP Manager, Plesk, etc.) or pay for setting up and administering a VPS server to a hosting company.
4. Virtual server VPS is a good intermediate option for those who lack the performance of regular hosting, and a dedicated physical server is too expensive, and its resources are not yet needed. 
5. A good alternative to the virtual server is the so-called VIP-hosting  – a tariff with a large amount of disk space and RAM for processes, increased script execution time and CPU time limit. The performance roughly corresponds to the VPS server, and no configuration and administration skills are required. This service is offered by several providers – Fozzy , Beget , SprintHost , IHC and others.

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