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BulletProof Hosting (bulletproof hosting service) – is hosting, on which you can place virtually any material, and not to worry, that the hosting company will remove them at the first complaint (abuzy) and without warning. As “any materials” usually are doorways, pharma, spam, adult (porn), warez (illegal software, movies, mp3, etc.). Bulletproof servers are located in countries where such materials are not prohibited. For example, it is believed that in China, Panama or Malaysia, even authorities, not to mention any third-party complaints, cannot close the vareznik, torrent tracker or online casinos. Naturally, such services are much more expensive than the usual virtual hosting.

It should be noted that quite often there are cases of fraud in the provision of bulletproof hosting, under the guise of which they sell ordinary virtual hosting for an increased cost. Such companies close your account at the very first complaint.

Among the 500 companies from our rating, only 4 offer bulletproof hosting.

1. Abuse Hosting

The company provides bulletproof hosting, virtual VPS and dedicated servers in Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Ukraine. Each country is suitable for a particular type of site. For example, on Ukrainian servers you can place online cinemas (accounts are not blocked by complaints from copyright holders) and replicas of goods (watches, clothes, etc.), in Luxembourgish – adult materials, in Dutch – warez, etc. Abuse Hosting has a detailed list of permitted content for all locations. Rates start at $ 12 per month. The company also provides a service for registering bullet-resistant domains in the offshore zone with a Chinese registrar.

2. BulletProof Web

BulletProof Web is a company registered in Seychelles and offering for rent bulletproof virtual VDS and dedicated servers in Ukraine, the Netherlands, Sweden, Moldova and Russia. The hoster’s website lists the types of allowed and prohibited content for each country. Prices start at $ 80. The hosting feature is bullet-proof servers in CyberBunker, which “are protected not only from any abuses, but also from a nuclear explosion”. In addition, the company offers registration of bullet-resistant domains in various zones.

3. ProHoster

Ukrainian hoster that provides for renting several configurations of dedicated bullet-proof servers located in the data center in Vinnitsa. For $ 70 you can get a server with 24 GB of RAM and 2 TB on the hard disk. Mailing, brute, carding, phishing, malware and SpamHaus are prohibited.

4. Arbusi.net

Abuse-resistant hosting with servers in China, where, if you believe the information on the site, you can post everything: adult, pharma, doorway, warez, spam, etc.

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