Minecraft servers hosting

Minecraft  is one of the most successful computer games in history. Only official sales of Minecraft on all gaming platforms exceeded 100 million copies , making it the second best-selling game after Tetris. Released in 2011, it has not lost its popularity for the past 6 years.

Most of the players in Minecraft eventually get tired of playing on the same server. Someone does not like admins and moderators installed on the server mode, RPG-plug-ins, rank systems, etc. It is not surprising that many are thinking about creating their own Minecraft server. In addition to complete freedom in the settings, you can earn real money on your own Minecraft server by selling any privileges or resources for money.

Not everyone can start a server on a home computer – you need a very powerful PC, fast, stable Internet, a static IP address, open ports, administration, etc. Therefore, below we have collected the best server hosting Minecraft – not free, but very cheap. By choosing any of these hosting sites, you will get a ready-made server, working 24 hours a day, and a convenient panel that makes administration available even to beginners. It will only download the map, install plugins and can be played. On all hosts you can install almost any build of any version of Minecraft with mods and plugins.

Playvds490 rub.UnlimitedBukkit, Spigot, Bungeecord, KCauldronComfortable launcher Minecraft; automatic installation of assemblies and mini-games; Donat system; ready site and forum
Flynet400 rub.UnlimitedCraftbukkit, Spigot, FTB, TekkitUnlimited slots; 7 days free test; SMS Donate plugin;installation of more than 23,000 plug-ins in one click
Srvgame287 rub.UnlimitedBukkit, Spigot, MCPC +, Vanilla, CauldronSupport for all versions and kernels
Mr. Hosting350 rub.24Craftbukkit, Spigot, FTB, TekkitConvenient Multicraft Server Control Panel
MC-Server349 rub.UnlimitedUnlimited slots; BungeeCord support
Craftbuy389 rub.thirtyAbility to install your own assembly; more than 20,000 plug-ins with the ability to automatically install
Minecraft hosting400 rub.thirtyEasy plugin installation with a couple of mouse clicks
WorldHosts255 rub.thirtyIn the “Add-ons” installed more than 19,000 plug-ins; the ability to install your own server assembly and version change with one click
Oneservers255 rub.thirtyAbility to use your kernel (launcher, language, encodings, etc.); over 19 thousand plugins
Myarena600 rub.thirtyFree testing of the server within 72 hours; more than 17,000 plug-ins for installation via the control panel

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