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The last couple of years in runet began to gain popularity unlimited hosting, quite familiar in the west for many years. In the USA, it is offered by such companies HostMonster, DreamHost, BlueHost, HostGator and others.

What is unlimited hosting? This is a hosting that does not have limitations on the main characteristics – the size of the disk space, the number of domains, databases and traffic.

Features unlimited hosting

At first glance, everything is very tempting, but unlimited hosting, of course, is only conditional. It is unlikely that some provider for 200 rubles per month will allow to host a file exchanger for dozens of terabytes. But restrictions can be not only on the amount of disk space, but, for example, on such first implicit characteristics as the maximum number of files. Popular CMS (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.) themselves consist of thousands of files and if you add to them the images uploaded to the site, such a limitation may soon be exceeded. Therefore, when ordering unlimited hosting, you need to carefully look at all the conditions, usually finely stated in the terms of use or agreement.

There are several companies specializing in unlimited hosting in the rating: Coopertino, SmartApe, HotHat and HostLife. Below we dwell on each and in conclusion compare their rates.

HotHat Hosting


New unlimited hosting, which opened in 2015. The Burrito tariff includes an unlimited number of sites, disk space, traffic, databases, mailboxes. 10 days is given for a free test. Once a day, all data is backed up. Copies are stored in a third-party data center.

SmartApe Hosting


The Moscow company Smart Eipe offers unlimited hosting for 149 rubles per month if paid for 1 year. The number of sites, files, disk space, databases and traffic is not limited. The load on the processor – 50% of the core, on the account – 512MB of RAM.

Hosting Coopertino


The Moscow-based Cupertino company offers unlimited hosting for 199 rubles per month when paid for 1 year. Unlimited disk space, sites, databases and traffic have the following limitations: 25% of the processor core, 1024 MB of RAM, connection speed – 100 Mbps. When these standards are exceeded, the site is not blocked, but just slows down a bit, in proportion to the momentary load. 
Update: since 2016, the “unlimited” tariff “Cupertino” offers 33 GB of disk space.

Comparison of tariffs for unlimited hosting

Hosting CompanySmartApeCoopertinoHothatHostinger
Tariff planUnlimitedUnlimited number 1BurritoPremium
Disk spaceUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Sites on accountUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
MySQL databasesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Price per month149 rub.199 rub.195 rub.189 rub.

The price is for 1 month when paying for 1 year of hosting.

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