Cheapest hosting

Website hosting  is one of the rare categories of services to which the expression “a good thing cannot be cheap” is not applicable. The competition in this area is so high that there are many reliable companies offering cheap and at the same time high-quality hosting.

Why cheap hosting is better and cheaper than “free”

The so-called “free” hosting has several serious drawbacks:

  • they often place ads on your websites, which will be more expensive to disable than initially using paid hosting;
  • to connect to your site your 2nd level domain in most cases will also be more expensive than registering it yourself;
  • your website is tightly linked to the selected host — you can transfer it to another company and to another CMS (for example, WordPress , Joomla or 1C Bitrix ) only by manually copying all the materials.

Paid hosting, even the cheapest, is free from all these shortcomings.

What to look for when choosing a cheap hosting

Any reliable hosting company (even offering budget rates) should have:

  • office;
  • telephone technical support;
  • work experience of at least several years;
  • PHP support and MySQL databases (sometimes it is not available at the cheapest rates);
  • free trial period of at least a week.

It is desirable that the hoster also provides free SSL – certificates .

How much is cheap hosting

The table below shows the cheap rates of major hosting providers, which in less than 100 rubles per month you can post on the Internet from 3 sites, and many companies also receive a free domain as a gift. Of course, you can find even cheaper hosting (30-50 rubles per month), but the company providing it most likely will not have a license, an office, or even its own servers. Such an office may suddenly cease to exist along with your sites. Therefore, it is not worth saving at all.

Comparison of the cheapest hosting

LocationSt. PetersburgSt. PetersburgMoscowMoscowMoscow
Tariff planEast-1StartAnlim 1AlphaSSD 1
Disk space3 GB5 GB1 GB1 GB1 GB
Sites on account3UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
MySQL databasesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Test period15thirtytenten7
Free domain *++
Price per month **98 rub.97 rub.90 rub.85 rub.85 rub.

* Free domain .ru / .rf when paying for 1 year of hosting. 
** Price for 1 month when paying for 1 year of hosting.

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