Hosting for blogs and WordPress sites

A blog (blog, we b log , weblog or event diary) is a site whose main content is regularly added records containing text, images or video clips. Blogs are characterized by compact entries, sorted in reverse chronological order (the last entry is on top).

Most blogs are hosted on free services such as LiveJournal, LiveInternet,, [email protected], Blogspot, Twitter. But every day the number of autonomous blogs is growing. They are hosted on paid hosting, have their own second-level domain (such as and, as a rule, work on the basis of the WordPress control system .

This page contains a list of hosting companies that offer specialized hosting rates that are optimized for WordPress blogs.

  • Beget ( reviews ), Blog rate. Monthly 115 rubles (if you pay for 1 year) will make you owners of 2 GB of disk space, unlimited traffic and MySQL databases, automatically installed from the control panel of the WordPress engine and the ability to host two blogs.
  • TimeWeb ( reviews ), CMS Start . Since July 2018, one of the largest hosting companies in Russia, Timeweb has been offering a specialized tariff plan for WordPress. For 169 rubles a month (if you pay for a year), you will receive 10 GB of space on a fast SSD disk and the ability to host 10 sites. Naturally, the installation of WordPress will be automatic. In addition, on the server are the current versions of PHP and MySQL for fast work “WordPress”, as well as the console assistant WP-CLI.
  • Hostenko ( reviews ) – a new hosting company offering a service for the rapid creation and placement of sites based on WordPress. At the Single rate(108 rubles per month) you can run 2 blogs, limited to 5 GB of disk space, 2 MySQL databases and unlimited traffic. According to the Triple tariff – 10 blogs and 10 GB of disk space – for 242 rubles per month. You can also design your blog for free by selecting any WordPress theme you like right from the control panel.
  • ( reviews ), the tariff “Diary” . Only for 44 rubles per month (if you pay for 1 year) you will have 1 GB of disk space, a free domain in the .ru zone and the installed WordPress engine with a set of useful plugins. If you already have a blog on the platforms, or others, the company’s specialists will transfer all your posts, tags and user comments to WordPress for free. In addition, for those who want to become bloggers, offers the “Journalist” rate – 5 GB of space, 5 blogs, 134 rubles a month.
  • Hostiq ( reviews ), tariff “WP1” . For 122 rubles per month (if you pay for 1 year) you will become the owner of 10 GB of disk space on which you can create two blogs. At the time of ordering, you only need to select “Install WordPress automatically,” after which you can forget about hosting. All you need to work with is a WordPress site. The company provides high-speed download sites using SSD-caching, and ease of use – with the help of video tutorials and good support.
  • Zenon ( reviews ), the tariff “Blog” . A blogger who chooses this one of the oldest Russian companies will have to pay 224 rubles each month (if paid for 1 year). For this money, he will receive 500 MB of disk space, unlimited traffic and, of course, installed WordPress with a set of popular themes and plugins.

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