Domain transfer: main aspects of the procedure

One of the key conditions for the success of IT projects is your domain. In this case, periodically there are situations when a registrar change is necessary, which implies the transfer of a domain address for servicing to another organization. This process is not complicated in itself, but a number of aspects must be taken into account during its passage.

When do I need to change the registrar?

Replacing the company’s servicing site often occurs for one of the following reasons:

  • association of domains within one administrator (if several sites of one owner are initially “scattered” across different registrars);
  • changes in the pricing policy of your current administrator or its inconsistency with your current technical requirements;
  • the inability to obtain in the current location the necessary tools to manage your project;
  • other changes (both from the administrator’s side and the client’s side) that make further cooperation impractical.

In such situations, a change of administrator is a logical decision that will contribute to the development of the site. Moreover, the cost of this procedure is not very high. At you can find prices for domain transfer from one of the best hosters in the country. The key parameter here is the placement zone, which determines the level of complexity of the procedure.

Important points when transferring a domain to “Ukraine” Hosting

When transferring a domain, there are a number of restrictions.

The procedure can not be carried out within 60 days from the date of registration of the site or change of contact information of the owner.

Domain should not be blocked by the current registrar.

You must deactivate the service hide contact information.

Information about the owner of the old and the new registrar should be identical.

If all the points are executed, then in up to 10 days (as a rule, operations are carried out in a few days), you can transfer your domain to Ukraine hosting and become a user of the country’s largest hoster.

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